The teaching / coaching staff of the Club must be qualified lifeguards or hold such swim teaching qualifications as the Committee as its sole discretion may decide.
The duties and responsibilities of the teaching/coaching staff will include the following:

1. To assist swimmers to develop skills and abilities in a progressive way.
2. To provide swimmers with the opportunity to improve their skills based on personal goals and standards.
3. To recognise the role that suitably structured and graded competitive experiences can play in the development of swimmers.
4. To organise appropriately safe training sessions in order to prepare the swimmers for competitive events.

Club Coaching Staff

We have two very experienced coaches, Arthur and Lee, who coach the Masters and also the Junior squad at the center. Both have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and create stimulating sessions for all skill levels.

During a training session you should expect a variety of drills & sets across all strokes that will give you a great workout!! Check out our facebook page to see some of the session sets.

Additional equipment required for training sessions (above the obvious!!)

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Open Swim

Open swim sessions are a beloved community activity that invites individuals of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the water in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

Gallery of events  

Event photo galleries are dynamic visual collections that capture the essence, energy, and key moments of various events.