Session examples and swim length guide

The pool is 25 meters in length, below there’s a guide that indicates how many lengths you did during a swimming session.
25 + 25 =50 meters (2 lengths)
100 meters (4 lengths)
150 meters (6 lengths)
200 meters (8 lengths)
250 meters (10 lengths and so on…)

Swim Session Sample

Session 1:

Warm up:
2x(100FC+50BC+50BRS+50 Kick on side)

Main set:
2x400FC+25 sec rest

8x100FC+20 sec rest

16x50FC+15 sec rest

Cool down
300 MIX of 50FC/50BRS

Session 2:

Warm up

Main set:
50FC DRILL (6/3/6 and fist) 8 on 60 sec

50 KICK+Fins as 25 KICK on side+25 BC KICK 8×20 sec rest

100FC 12 on 1.50, 11 on 2.00, 10 on 2.15 (depending on the lane, fast,medium,slow)

400FC PULL, Cool Down, 4x100mix of 50BC+50BRS

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