Rules of Tallaght Masters Swimming Club.

The Club shall be affiliated to and abide by the rules of Swim Ireland.

By virtue of the affiliation of Tallaght Masters Swim Club to Swim Ireland, its members acknowledge that they are subject to the laws, rules and constitutions of:
Swim Ireland, the governing body for the whole of the island of Ireland.
Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN), the European governing body for the aquatics.
Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), the world governing body for the aquatics.

When abroad the Club, as directed by Swim Ireland, will abide by the rule of FINA
Only those members who have paid the appropriate Swim Ireland license and / or registration fees and Club membership fees, if appropriate, may swim competitively for the Club.

Session examples and swim length guide

The pool is 25 meters in length, below there’s a guide that indicates how many lengths you did during a swimming session.
25 + 25 =50 meters (2 lengths)
100 meters (4 lengths)
150 meters (6 lengths)
200 meters (8 lengths)
250 meters (10 lengths and so on…)

Swim Session Sample

Session 1:

Warm up:
2x(100FC+50BC+50BRS+50 Kick on side)

Main set:
2x400FC+25 sec rest

8x100FC+20 sec rest

16x50FC+15 sec rest

Cool down
300 MIX of 50FC/50BRS

session 2:

Warm up

Main set:
50FC DRILL (6/3/6 and fist) 8 on 60 sec

50 KICK+Fins as 25 KICK on side+25 BC KICK 8×20 sec rest

100FC 12 on 1.50, 11 on 2.00, 10 on 2.15 (depending on the lane, fast,medium,slow)

400FC PULL, Cool Down, 4x100mix of 50BC+50BRS